Food, glorious food

The topic Elizabeth has set for today’s challenge involves food.  It is something we cannot live without, so it is good to celebrate and to be thankful for our “Daily Bread”.

I am not a particularly keen cook, but I have come to enjoy cooking.  I regularly cook the main meal and am able to bake, but I do not try out new recipes very often.  I had been married for years before it occurred to me to memorise the ingredients for my usual recipes, so that I did not need to have a recipe book open by my side!  However I have recently discovered that one of the recipes I use is unusual amongst the people I know in Real Life.  (Not that you, dear Reader are not real, but I haven’t met you.)  My pièce de résistance is an upside-down pudding cooked in the microwave.

For this I use a large soufflé dish (well-greased) and a recipe from a book which came with our first (Philips) microwave oven.  The mixture is of a dropping consistency and it is cooked with a heat-resistant plate upside-down on top.  In the oven we have now it takes 5-6 minutes compared with 20 minutes in a pre-heated conventional fan oven.  The cake mixture does not brown, but it rises and is light and delicious.  The plate may need to be wiped with kitchen paper to remove the condensation before turning the pudding out onto it.

By chance I had a few references to food in my first post for this challenge, which  I was totally unprepared for.  I had not discovered the calendar with the topics when I began to post on Day 1 (All Saints’ Day).

I have a few related posts on my other blog, where I try to entertain and inform anyone who drops by about the English Language.

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