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Today’s challenge for Blog Every Day in November is something I made.

This topic is right up my street.  I usually have at least one project on the go and sometimes more.  I have written several posts about my projects.  They may be found by clicking on the category Craft.

The only photograph stored on my lap-top at present of a project I have not previously written about is this one.


I knitted in 2011 it from a Templetons H & O Shetland Fleece pattern, which I have used several times before.  The original pattern uses many colours for the Fairisle yoke.  The first time I used it with the recommended yarn and all the shades.  I have found that it works well with three colours – one light colour and two dark ones or two light shades and one dark one, as here.

For this garment, my initial choice of the order of the contrast colours did not work.  The pattern was muddled by having similar shades adjacent to each other.  I took the decision to pull back quite a few rows of complicated pattern knitting and rearrange the colours.  I was glad I had done as the pattern is now bold and clear.

The yarn I used was machine knitting yarn from a company called Silverknit, which I suspect is no longer trading.  It is a brushed 2-ply yarn, which I used double.  (I no longer own a machine.)  The yoke was knitted on a circular needle.

I had originally bought the yarn with the intention of knitting myself a suit on my knitting machine.  I never found the time.  The main colour on its own does not suit me particularly well, but the colours of the yoke make it much more suitable for me.

I once attended a talk about colour analysis and understand that I fit into the category known as winter.  At the time my hair was very dark.  Do these categories change with increasing numbers of grey hairs?

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    • Thanks Elizabeth, I think her cool palette is more suitable for me than her warm one! I find it really difficult to comment on posts on blogs other than WordPress ones. I prefer to interact on Facebook or Twitter if I am able.


    • Lovely hats, Leanne. I knit hats to use up spare yarn, when I can’t think of anything else to do with it. Stripes don’t take much yarn!
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be looking at yours from time to time. Sue


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