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Yesterday I read a little about Blog Every Day in November on Twitter and thought that would not be a hardship.  I had a post already prepared for the Daily Prompt from October 31st otherwise known as All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween.

I already had another post with that date on, so I tagged my new post #BEDN and scheduled it for the early hours (well just after midnight UK time so that it would appear on 31st October in the USA.)

This morning I noticed the post on Elizabeth’s blog (she is hosting the #BEDN challenge).  She chooses a subject for each day and today’s is Introductions.

So here I am introducing myself as someone who sometimes rushes in without finding out what is involved.

My blog for challenges and fun is tagged “Tasty writing surprises (non-fattening)” as Trifle may be a rather rich dessert.  I have been known to take a challenge prompt and turn it into a different subject.  I really do not have time at present to research what happened during the similar challenge in May.  We’ll all have to wait and see how this challenge develops – hence surprises.  Tasty and tasteful do not have the same meaning, but I hope my writing will be both.

So here I am.  One of the “sandwich generation”.  (Food again!)

I am taking part in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA as someone who expects nothing better than humble pie.

The Badges down my sidebar indicate other challenges I have lapped up and churned out posts for.  My other blog (Sue’s considered trifles) is about the English Language and explains some of the well-worn phrases such as I have used here.  It too is entered for #UKBA.

So, “Hello #BDEN hopefuls and other readers, I’m Sue!”  I’ll be introducing some of my interests and passions as we go along.

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