How to knit a cushion cover

While every care has been taken in preparing this pattern the author disclaims any liability from errors or omissions.  Please refer to the photographs and read the instructions carefully.  If you do discover any error(s) please be kind enough to tell me in a comment.

Front of cushion

Front of cushion

The illustrated buttons are Handmade Plum buttons from tinker tailors.
The illustrated cushion cover is knitted using two strands of Pennine Aran 10% acrylic yarn and 6.0mm knitting needles.  (Mine used approximately 480gms and the yarn is sold in 400g balls.)
The finished size is 20 ins x 20 ins working to a tension of 15 stitches to 4 ins.

CO 75 sts. and knit 18 rows.
Begin pattern.
1st row K. 10 P. 5 (K. 5 P. 5) 5 times K. 10

2nd row K 15 (P. 5 K. 5) 5 times K. 10
Repeat these two rows twice.
7th row as second row.
8th row as 1st row.
Repeat these two rows twice.
Continue in 12 row pattern until work measures 20 ins.
Knit 8 rows.
Buttonhole row. K. 23 sts. CO 3 sts. K. 23 sts. CO 3 sts. K. 23 sts.
Next row K. casting on 3 sts over CO sts on previous row.
Knit 8 rows.
Cast off.
To make up: fold cover with opening in desired position, overlapping the buttonhole band and button band.   With right sides together oversew seams. Turn to right side. Add buttons.


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