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This week’s Prompt for the promptless is Shopping list.

It coincides with the publication of this post explaining the derivation of some words connected with shopping – or at least shops.

I can remember the time before supermarkets, when everyone queued (formed a line) in front of a counter and the shopkeeper scurried back and forth collecting all the items each customer required.  Self-service was not accepted with much enthusiasm by customers.  The work in a shop must have become less interesting overnight apart from managerial positions.  Sitting at a checkout or stacking shelves makes for less varied work than serving behind a counter where all the goods were stored.  Anyhow we can’t turn the clock back even if we’d like to.

The most interesting shopping list I have made recently was for a trip to the nearest city.  I have a number of craft projects which I could not complete without some extra materials.  I began a list.

I have three tapestries which I have finished working, but have not made into cushion covers.  I decided one of them would be better made into a picture to hang on the wall.  I have tried in the past to find a cushion pad to fit it without success – it is rectangular.  That is a job for my husband.

So I checked the sizes of the other two and wrote them down on my list with the intention of finding some fabric suitable for the backs of cushions.  I added zip fastenings of appropriate length to the list.  (I worked out a method of using these; previously I have just stitched the cover backs to the tapestry fronts.)

I also wrote “WOOL” on the list.  (It is only a few days since I sorted through my accumulated paper and decided that I no linger needed the list, so I am working from memory!)

Over the summer I knitted a cushion cover for my daughter-in-law, who had two cushion pads to cover.  I was looking for something to make the second cover as I had insufficient wool left over.

So I had a list.

My husband was with me and, when we arrived at the craft shop, having discovered the fabric stall in the market was closed, he said, “I’ll wait outside.”

I said that it might take me a while and went in.  First I looked round the wool department, but nothing caught my eye.  Then I went upstairs and found some material, which looked suitable for cushion backs.  At that point my husband appeared.  He wandered right to the back of the shop while my material was being measured.  The previous customer had asked to pay downstairs as she wanted other items.  I inquired about zips and was told they were downstairs, so I did the same.

Hubby reappeared from the back of the shop, very impressed with the range of goods stocked and we went down together.

I found two zips of suitable lengths and colours for my cushion projects and had a conversation about stock-taking with the assistant who served me.  (It is very time-consuming in shops with many small items.)

I decided to have another look at the knitting yarn in the indoor market.  There was a good selection.  I bought two large balls of acrylic Aran weight yarn.  Each weighed 400g.  I intended to use the yarn double, so two balls meant that I did not have to spend time winding off yarn to make a second ball.  I was uncertain whether one ball would be enough.  It was a good decision.  I have knitted the cushion cover and weighed the remaining yarn.  Only 320g left!

Front of cushion

Front of cushion

The city is about 40 miles away, so it is a day out rather than nipping back to the corner shop if we forget anything.

And the tapestry cushions?  They are still on my to-do list!

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