Questions, questions

I decided some time back to make my blogs award-free, however one or two bloggers have offered me awards.  Nicole asked some questions along with her kind offer of a Liebster award.

1.) What do you enjoy about blogging?
I have always enjoyed writing.  Blogging has advantages in that there is motivation to keep going.  I enjoy reading other blogs.  I find ideas to blog about and am encouraged by looking at beautiful photographs of the world about us.

I learn new things, both from other people’s blogs and from the research, which I do for my own.  I also enjoy taking part in challenges and competitions.  I have written a few posts about blogging.

2.) What do you find the most joy in or in what ways to you kick back to have fun?
Joy is a gift from God, but it has to be accepted over and again.  I have recently been asked the meaning of “If you want joy you must jump for it”, which is a verse in a song, “The joy of the Lord is my strength”.  It is a play on words.  Jumping for joy is an expression.  We need to express our joy.  Jumping is also a way of catching a ball which is just out of reach.  Perhaps God expects us to be active in receiving his gifts just as we would be in opening a present and putting it to use.

3.) Do you think of God mostly as a person, or “more than a man/woman” or do you believe in God at all?
God is Spirit and his worshippers must worship in sprit and in truth.  John 4: 24
Jesus is fully God and fully man.
God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the Trinity or Godhead.
All three persons of the Trinity were active in creation, are still active and always will be.

4.) Do you believe people are basically good or evil or neither?
I believe what the Bible says.  All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23
All are made in the image of God.   Let us make man in our image. Genesis 1:26

5.) What is your favorite book or television show/movie?
I find it hard to choose just one.  The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia would be high on my list.  I particularly enjoy the gentle story-telling of Maeve Binchy and Salley Vickers.  I’d sooner have a book than a film.

6.) When it comes to social justice, is there anything you feel passionate about (feeding the poor, the elderly, etc.)
Poverty, mental health issues, homelessness, prejudice.

7.) If you had an unlimited amount of money, but had to spend it on yourself, what would you do?

8.) Who do you most admire in history (it can be more than 1 person)?
My post A great teacher might give a clue.

9.) Who/what do you love most in life?
People, music, words, ideas, sunsets, scenery, creativity.  (I think I’ve cheated here!)

10). Do you enjoy the outdoors or are you more of a city person?
I like to walk in the fresh air in the countryside or by the sea.  I also enjoy visits to cities.  I don’t think I get homesick anywhere.

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