Non sequitur

At this time of year when the nights are beginning to draw in and the mornings are cool and sometimes misty, it could be a problem to attract tourists to an area or to persuade the residents to venture forth more than they need to.

What better idea then than to have such events as Heritage Open Days and county-wide open studios?  These give us an incentive to go to new places (many of which are not otherwise open to the public).

With that in mind and having to make a longish journey, we decided to visit an art gallery in a town we had previously skirted round on the bypass.   The detour was worthwhile, but it was obvious why the bypass had been approved long ago.  The town centre streets were very narrow as were the pavements, with the shops and houses separated from the road by narrow pavements of irregular widths.

The town is served by public transport in the form of double-decker buses.  The roads are so narrow that at times the sides of the buses seem to overhang the pavement.  Walking two abreast with our backs to the nearside traffic it was only as one of these buses passed us that we realised just how hazardous the place was for pedestrians.

On arriving home I found that the Daily Prompt required the sentence, “He tried to hit me with a fork lift!”.  Fortunately the bus missed us!