A great teacher

Today’s Daily Prompt is about teaching.

What makes a teacher great?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREATNESS.

Thanks for the great prompt, Marian!

There are several requirements for a teacher to be great.

  • Understanding of the topic being taught
  • Recognising the level the pupils (or disciples) are at
  • Enthusiasm for the topic
  • Concern for the pupils
  • Adequate preparation
  • Good communication skills
  • Patience
  • Ability to maintain an interest in presenting the same information to new listeners

Have I left anything out?

I have been taught well and poorly.  I have taught informally as a mother and have trained new recruits in various work-places.  I have not been taught how to teach.

I enjoy passing on factual information and insights.  Here are some examples:-

A great teacher

  1. At the age of twelve he was so interested in what the learned men were teaching in the temple, that he was accidentally left behind by his family and not found for three days.
  2. He could teach any number of people – one person, twelve people or multitudes.
  3. He was a storyteller.
  4. He understood people’s physical and spiritual needs.
  5. He took time to be alone with God.
  6. He was filled with the Holy Spirit.

His name is Jesus.

Further reading from the New Testament

  1. Jesus in the temple Luke 2: 41-52
  2. The woman at the well John 4: 4-42 The twelve (or eleven) disciples John 13 – 17 Multitudes Matthew 5:1-7:29
  3. He told picture stories or parables Luke 12:13-21 Luke 15:8-16:31
  4. Feeding five thousand Luke 9:10-17
  5. Solitude Mark 1:35-39
  6. Jesus Baptism Matthew 3:13-17