Kindle – one spark or two?

Books I’ve been reading recently include some I have downloaded to the kindle app on my laptop.

Two of these were written by other bloggers, who were promoting them for a short time.

Another one I am reading as a break from writing is one of the free books offered by Amazon (presumably because they are out of copyright).  It is by Mark Twain.  It began well with a few very entertaining pieces.  Then I struggled with page after page, which did not appeal to me much.  Now I have reached the halfway mark and I found a piece which was so funny I had to share it with my husband, who laughed several times, while I watched his reflection in the screen.  (Notice I did not let him sit down at my computer!)

The book is Sketches New and Old.

The ones I have particularly enjoyed were in Part One and Part Two.  My Late Senatorial Secretaryship comes towards the end of part Three.  It was worth downloading the book for the one piece alone.  The letters which have been concocted in “obedience” to instructions are…

…well I won’t spoil your enjoyment.

I hope there are more sketches to my taste in the next half.  I rather wish the book had been half as thick (or long as it is an e-book) and entitled “Selected sketches…” or “The best of…”

Perhaps all a blogger can hope for is the publication of “The best of…”

Some of us try to direct our readers to our favourite posts – I have a page on my other blog –

Another blogger has recently added a top ten page

And there is a blog devoted to free e-books

We all regard our written output as useful and interesting.   But who will find it useful, who will find it interesting?

Perhaps we all need to learn how to edit ruthlessly and leave our readers asking for more!

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