Speaking volumes

Today’s Daily prompt is about books.

Daily Prompt: Bookworms

by michelle w. on September 14, 2013

Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.


There are two books in easy reach as I sit at my lap top.  One is my library book, A Field Full of Butterflies Memories of a Romany Childhood, which I have renewed twice and am enjoying slowly.  I grabbed it and opened it at random and the tenth word was “my”.  Not a good start for a search engine!

The other is the Observers Trees, which I opened at the very beginning and counted to ten.

  1. The
  2. Observers
  3. Series
  4. TREES
  5. About
  6. the
  7. Book
  8. This
  9. handy
  10. volume

So I searched for volume image using my default search engine (ask).  A few images appeared relating to the mathematical formulae for calculating volume.  Here is a link to the first one:


NASA’s logo appears and the name of a research center (US spelling of course)  NASA is world famous.  The main images on the webpage are solid shapes.  I learned how to calculate all their volumes during my formal education.

The colours of the solid shapes on the linked page remind me of children’s building blocks, which could be described as a classic educational toy.

The image also reminds me how much improved printing and other ways of passing on information are than when I was at school.  Our diagrams would probably not have been in colour.

Of course volume in the context of my counted words means book.

The volume of the book I used is 6.5 x 4 x 0.75 = 19.5 cubic inches.  It has hard covers and 191 numbered pages plus end-papers.

This is a picture of an earlier edition of the book I used for this prompt.