This week’s Writing Prompt from the Daily Post is backward.


And the end result was a popular post, which continues to make people laugh.

I couldn’t think of a story to write backwards, until I checked the “comments I have made” threads.

Then I realised that I wrote a story backwards and told it forwards.

The post was for a daily prompt: three people walk into a bar.

My reaction was that bar has a number of meanings and it would be interesting to make up a joke around a different meaning.  The problem was to make it into a believable story and arrive at the punch-line “Three men walked into a bar.  Ouch!”

Another blogger beat me to the publish button with that one-line joke.

So the problem was to create the circumstances in which three people could simultaneously walk into a barrier.  I was brought up not to tell jokes about people with disabilities, so I had to turn the lights out to prevent them seeing the barrier, which I described as an alley gate.

Then I needed to work out how they could all bump into it at the same time.  After all, we should all learn from that excellent piece of advice, “Learn from other people’s mistakes: life’s too short to make them all yourself!”

So I referred back to the sort of bar which people normally walk into and had them on their way home from one of those in a state of inebriation, which caused them to link arms to hold each other up.

The stage was set.

I quoted a well known line from another joke…

“It was a dark and stormy night!”

I think this  has been my most popular written post without pictures.  (My most viewed post is a specialised craft one, where I wrote the post after completing the project.)

Perhaps I should do more writing from the end to the beginning!

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