Where do I begin?

Do you start your posts with titles or with content?

This was the question asked by Rarasaur in an amazing post.


On my first blog, Sue’s considered trifles I definitely start with content.  I have a master file with the ideas I wish to write about.  I copy a chunk to a word document and expand it.  When it has nearly inflated to a suitable size for publication, I scratch around for a title and copy it into a post.  Then I work on colour and layout.

By contrast, my other blog is often used for responses to prompt, either official ones such as the Daily Prompt and Queen Creative’s PromptforthePromptless, or unofficial ones like this post by Rarasaur, which has inspired two posts on my Sue’s Trifles blog.

The first post I wrote in response to Rarasaur’s question about cultural backgrounds is A day to remember.

So if I have a prompt to write about, I can start by being really boring and just using the title of the prompt.  Sometimes I judge that this is the best title for the post I am about to write and I stick with it.  Counterintuition and These boots were made for walking are examples.  Other times, particularly with the Daily Prompt, I consider that it is worth taking a little time to choose a title which will stand out from the crowd.

I say tomato…

When was the last full moon?

Too soon (or too late)?

The key to success

and my joke, which I constructed like a puzzle,

Three men were named with this purpose.

I hope readers would know instantly that I say tomato… is about linguistic differences across the North Atlantic Ocean.

Can you use bold type for words in a title?   If I had known how, I’d have typed When was the last full moon?

So my answer to Rarasaur’s question is that catch-all phrase, “It depends!”

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  1. I liked this title– both an intro in speech and an re-stating of the question, haha! 😀 I love glimpses into how people write. This was great. Thanks, Sue!


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