Only joking!

Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humour play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CLEVER.

I think most people who know me might be forgiven for thinking me rather serious.  Hardly anyone I know in “real life” has the time or inclination to read my blogs.  They may be unaware that I enjoy word play and good clean jokes.  My humorous responses to the Daily Prompt have been well received by the minority of bloggers who have been enticed to the blog with the tagline “Tasty writing surprises (non-fattening!)”.

It beats me how you Daily Post people in general and Michelle in particular manage to time your prompts.  Have you got spies?  Are you secretly reading my blog?

On Saturday I was out walking and returned to find a prompt about boots and where they had taken me!

Last week I wrote three limericks, which I posted here with a poll for feedback from kind readers.  Yesterday I wrote another limerick (is this a new addiction?) and it fitted nicely in a post I had scheduled for today on my other blog. Now the daily prompt is asking whether I am funny.  What a coincidence!  What an opportunity!

And you are asking about the person I find funniest.  It’s impossible to single out just one.

So who are my humorous role-models?  They include writers and broadcasters from an earlier age: Edward Lear, Ogden Nash, PG Wodehouse, Richmal Compton, Frank Muir and Kenneth Williams, to name but a few.

I do not listen to comedy on the radio now.  I don’t enjoy it.

My Word was perhaps my favourite radio show of all time. The panellists were introduced as four people whose business was words.  I lapped it up.  I wondered how they acquired the reputation for being in the word business.  I was rather envious.  I read the dictionary for fun, but I was too young to have a trade or profession.  Who does qualify as being a wordsmith anyway?  Do bloggers?

I consider humorous writing to be a similar art form to stand-up comedy.  Timing is important.  It is no use putting your best ideas at the beginning.  The reader has to be played like a fish and lured to the very end of the post where they will be rewarded with a laugh, a smile or a groan!

And now I’ve caught your attention, please click on my links.  They might even make you laugh!