These boots were made for walking

Today’s daily prompt had to wait unread in my reader as I was out walking in the sunshine.

Tell us about your favourite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

My boots really were made for walking.   They walked along the shores of Derwentwater, up Catbells, around Ennerdale, beside Wastwater and in the Esk valley.

They were too heavy and bulky to pack in my trolley case on a flight to Switzerland, so they travelled on my feet.  They walked along a moving walkway at an airport, along the shore of Lake Geneva and up wonderful paths in the Alps where distance is measured in time rather than length.

They have walked on beaches and on cliffs.  They kept my feet dry and comfortable, but they walked so far that the treads became worn and shiny.  Now they are my reserve pair of walking boots – only to be worn on known terrain where the lack of grip is not important.

My favourite boots have lost their grip!