Today’s Daily Prompt asks about procrastination: What have you been putting off doing? Why?

I used to procrastinate a lot when I was young – I ended up doing everything at the last minute.  Later on I gave myself a motto; “Do it now”.  I did seem to get more done, but neither approach is ideal.

Now I try to balance my activities while trying to do the most urgent tasks first.  My “to do” list is rather long.  That doesn’t worry me unduly, but there is one item on it which I really must attend to.

I need to book a refresher course in driving.  I had planned to do it before my birthday, but I was going on holiday for two weeks.  Then I had company for three weeks, now I am busy with all sorts of things, but I really must get around to it.  (Did you ever see a decorated plate with the words “A round tuit” on it?)

It is almost a year since we chose a car I felt comfortable about the prospect of driving.

Procrastinate means put off until tomorrow.  (Pro cras in Latin is for tomorrow.)  My procrastination is almost proannumation.  Annus is Latin for year!  And perhaps I have coined a new word!

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  2. Oh, I like the idea of proannumation! I am going to go ahead and be an early adopter of this philosophy 🙂


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