New words are being coined all the time to describe new things.  Old words are being redefined to keep up with modern usage.

I have just heard on the radio news from the BBC that “literally” now has an additional meaning similar to metaphorically.  If you didn’t laugh you’d have to cry!

This post is entirely inspired by BBC News

Also this week I have heard of a new carnivorous mammal, olinguito, having been tracked down in South America after a piece of scientific detective work.

My third discovery announced by the BBC is a “new” dinosaur, nasutoceratops.

Does the number three have any special significance for you?

8 thoughts on “Neologisms

  1. I read about the olinguito yesterday and hastened myself off to look at the images. How exciting to have discovered a previously unknown mammal–a very rare event.

    Thanks for the link to the discovery of nasutoceratops, or Big Nose, Horn Face if we’re being informal. Not a very prepossessing creature, I have to say, but a nasutoceratops might think the same about me. 🙂

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