Too soon (or too late?)

Today’s Daily Prompt: Too soon.

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

It is not subject matter which is the key element in deciding what is acceptable in comedy.  Rather the question is whether anyone is going to be hurt by the joke.

Zaphod Beeblebrox is entitled to make fun of people with two heads.  Telling jokes against ourselves is usually acceptable.

Different people are embarrassed by different things.  In a group of family or friends certain types of humour might be accepted, which a wider audience would regard as too risqué.

The culture in a particular place changes with time and this should be borne in mind.

With the anti-smoking campaign being so successful, I wonder how many people would laugh at this old joke.  (I have forgotten some of the details, but hope you enjoy it all the same.)

A priest and a rabbi were talking and smoking.  One asked the other whether his superior would allow him to smoke while he prayed.  They were both uncertain and went away to find out.

When they next saw each other they compared notes.  One had not been allowed to smoke while he prayed, but the other had.

“How did you get permission?”

“I asked whether it was acceptable to pray while I smoked.”