How do you deal with distractions from writing?

An unofficial prompt from the WordPress people suggested that if bloggers were stuck for something to write about, they could look through the comments they had made and develop them into posts.

I have mentioned before that there is a Kindle app on my laptop.  I have downloaded a few free books onto it from Amazon.

I recently read Jim Davis by former poet laureate, John Masefield, who lived from 1878-1967.  It is not one of his better books, but interesting in a way.  The story had twists and turns and it was set in an earlier age.  I found the language rather repetitive, but the narrator was only young and perhaps of limited vocabulary.

Looking for another book to read I discovered a book of short stories by Mark Twain 1835-1910: (Sketches Old and New).

Having downloaded it, I read the first two sketches.  The subject matter is very different from what a modern writer would choose.  Technological developments have made wind-up watches somewhat obsolete.  The first story, My Watch, revolves around the internal workings of such a timepiece and is funny.  The implied comment on effective communication is still valid today.

The second story, Political Economy, is a very clever treatment of the idea that a writer’s work is more important than day to day living.  The construction of this piece is a multilayered sandwich of art and life.  The results of the writer’s handling of his interruptions are hilarious.

What struck me about this second story is the way that the author took a situation, which must be familiar to any creative artist and used it to his advantage.  The door has to be answered mid-sentence…

…does he complain that he can’t write because of the interruptions?  Yes and no!  He develops a top class short story dealing with this whole subject in a very masterly fashion.

I am looking forward to reading the other sketches in this volume.

And I found it the day I had read and commented on this post.

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