I remember

This is written in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Prompt:  I remember

All my very early memories date from my third year – I can remember a few things which happened when I was only two years old!

The first one, was when I learned a new word.  Two-year-olds have already seen the weather change from day to day.  Most English tots know the words for sun and rain, snow and wind, fog and perhaps ice.

So, when I said, “It’s raining!” I was surprised to be contradicted by my mother.  She told me it wasn’t rain; it was sleet.  So I learned a new word and a new sort of weather, as we made our way in the cold and wet to the bus stop.

We had been visiting one of my mother’s school friends, who lived two bus rides away from us.

Another memory from the same year was playing with the vegetables in a vegetable rack at the home of another of her school friends.  We had no vegetable rack.  Mummy used to keep her vegetables in an old shopping bag.

These memories could be dated because of the infrequency of the visits and the dates of birth of my sister and my godmother’s son.

I also remember being met in Manchester by my Grandad, whom I did not remember.  I have written about that memory in my childhood memories.

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