A short history of two blogs

People in real life ask me why I blog.  Some of them start by telling me they aren’t sure what a blog is.  Others are sceptical that blogging is worth the effort.

Today’s daily prompt offers the chance to explore this topic.


I began blogging just over a year ago.  I had been encouraged by my daughter and a few friends to embark on a writing project about the phrases, which adults in general and my mother in particular used in my childhood and adolescence.

Rather than bombard anyone with frequent emails, I decided to set up a blog.

At first I published each post as soon as it was written (and frequently edited it at least once afterwards).  Otherwise I’d have dithered over the publish button indefinitely.

After six months of blogging, I found the format I had set for the blog rather limiting and started to branch out a bit.  I have written more about this for the first anniversary of my blog.


This post is on my second blog, which I set up on 25 March 2013, having woken up that morning inspired to use the recently announced pachyderm theme for a new blog.  My earlier posts about blogging would have fitted better here.



My second blog is intended to be more varied than the first one and I have explored a number of categories.

Sue’s Trifles includes challenges from the Daily Post, Queen Creative’s (formerly Rarasaur’s) PromptforthePromptless and Blogging from A to Z for April.  These are interspersed with posts about real events and craft projects.  While I was on holiday and unable to post new material, I scheduled short extracts from a book of my childhood memories, which I started (and abandoned) about twenty years ago.  (Relevant links appear below.)

When I began Sue’s considered  trifles I did not intend to include a Bible reference in every post, but I soon found that this was something which could be done with a little extra effort.

Sue’s Trifles is lighter and does not always include a link to scripture.

With two blogs to maintain, I am still managing to achieve my target of two posts a week on Sue’s considered trifles and fairly regular posts on Sue’s Trifles.

Today a verse from Proverbs might be appropriate.

Where there is no vision the people perish. 

Proverbs 29:18

Without a clear sense of direction a blog could fizzle out.  It would be a shame if that happened to mine as I enjoy the discipline of writing and the interactions with other bloggers.