What makes you click?

What makes readers click on links?

Most of my posts have links in them.

However I hardly ever have any recorded outgoing clicks.  Many of my links are to other posts on the same blog, so perhaps they are not counted.

But what stops readers clicking on other links?

Most of mine open a new tab.  Many are to other blogs or to Wikipedia or Biblegateway.  I also link to posts on my other blog.

Do readers recognise the colour of links?  Would a title help when the mouse is moved across a link?  The URL appears on the screen in any case.

Is it just a click too far?

I am a clicker myself.  If I find a new blog, I look for the About page.  I may click on other links, it just depends.

So, please, please tell me what makes you click?

6 thoughts on “What makes you click?

  1. I personally click on most links. Particularly anything I haven’t seen before, or where I may learn something. For example, in this post of yours I clicked on ‘links’ and ‘other blog’, to see what was going on there. I didn’t know what I might find in ‘links’ and in ‘other blog’ I was interested to see if there were any new posts since I last looked.
    I didn’t bother clicking on ‘Wikipedia’ or ‘Biblegateway’ this time, because I know that link isn’t taking me to anything new. I already know what’s going on.

    But everyone has different clicking habits no doubt. I hope that gives some insight. I dunno…

    P.S. I definitely recognise the colour of links. I’d imagine that isn’t a prob for most.


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment and to click. I post on Mondays and Wednesdays on my other blog. (It’s still a bit haphazard here.) So no new posts, but there is a new page!
      Some links are underlined, but this doesn’t happen automatically with the themes I have chosen, which is why I asked about recognising the colours. There are still plenty of people who have never knowingly read a blog!! Sue


  2. I don’t click on mystery links and I don’t think others do much either. I find that if I want someone to click on a link, it works better if I show them the full URL and make it a hyperlink, or clearly define what it is.

    In a real life example, it’s like telling someone that your bathroom is down the hall. Most people will pause and stare at 5 doors, and either ask you or not even bother… but if a bathroom door is open or has a sign on it, far more people will just use it. A link is a door.

    Plus, a lot of people have their links open in the same window, which is a pet peeve of mine, so I always save any link clicking I might do until after I read a post… but often forget along the way.

    I click other things, though– like the about us tab, or a post in the “top posts” type section. I’m just not a in-the-middle-of-a-read clicker.

    I hope that helps!! 🙂


    • Maybe I should experiment with adding a list of links at the end of each post. It won’t tell me where a reader has clicked, but if the number of clicks increases it will validate your theory!
      BTW I often use right click and open in new tab for links. A particular page for this is the daily prompt.
      Thanks for commenting. 🙂 Sue


      • I do the right-click thing, too, when I’m on real computer, but so often I blog through phone/laptop and it’s just not as easy. 🙂 Try putting the links out in full, too– like http://google.com instead of Google… I know it increases clicking on my blog. 🙂


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