I was spoilt for choice today with Rarasaur’s prompt for the promptless: DIY.

I’m not sure scissors and glue count as DIY equipment, but here is my response.

I nipped into my pictures library and the first relevant picture which came up was a photograph of the collage I made to create a new banner for my one-year-old blog. This project taught me a lot.

The first thing I should have done was to go onto wordpress and look at the aspect ratio of banners.  I didn’t!  (Aspect ratio is the ratio of the height to the width.)

I knew banners were wide and short, so I took a piece of A4 black card and used it landscape ignoring the top part. I made my design using luminous craft paper – two shades of orange and one of yellow. The bright sunlight on the day the photograph was taken disguised the difference between the oranges. It did occur to me that I might have made the design too narrow for its height, so I arranged more black card behind my artwork. (I explained before that I did not take art as an exam subject, but missed the relaxing atmosphere of art classes.)



If you haven’t seen the finished banner it is on my other blog.

I also have a collage on my post Hints and tips.

I enjoyed making that one so much that when I was planning a visit to an elderly friend with dementia, I decided to use Christmas cards to make her a picture.

You really can have your cake and eat it when you give a picture away, but keep its photograph!