My year so far

As I keep a handwritten journal, there is really no excuse for not tackling this Daily Prompt: State of your year.

January was a gentle start into my usual routine of activities in the community, which get me from under the feet of my husband and into other company. Some of these continue all year at least in term-time, others take a break for the summer. Music, craft, voluntary work and worship are included here.

In February there was an important family birthday and a long journey with snowy weather.

A not-to be missed event!

A not-to be missed event!

March began with the funeral of the much-loved eldest member of our family.  It is a pity that many families only gather together for these sorts of occasions.

April saw much activity with the Blogging from A to Z in April challenge, but meanwhile I was busy off-line too.  All my activities were continuing and I was making new friends and reviving at least one old friendship.

May brought an internationally renowned pianist to our area for a wonderful concert.  There was an evening nature walk in addition to all the day to day events.

In June the two of us went on the most adventurous holiday we have ever had.  My  blogs had to fend for themselves, while I was in a time zone eight hours behind ours.

In July the holiday mood continued as we had more family time and entertained February’s birthday girl.  Lots of outings and lovely weather made this most enjoyable.  I didn’t manage to keep up with as many blogs I follow as usual!

Back to normal for August, perhaps!

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