Alphabetical challenge

This post is written in response to the daily prompt: A to Z.

Alphabetical challenges are nothing new.

Bloggers in profusion posted in an orderly fashion in April.

Challenges of every kind attract competitive types.

Daily targets must be met.

Every entrant should take a look at what other participants have written.

Freshly pressed is a status symbol.

Greenhorns have much to gain by reading the documentation.

History could be a category or tag.

Information is available on the worldwide web.

Judging between competition entries must be difficult at times.

Knowledge is shared by kind people.

Links can help readers find information.

Managing comments might be interesting.

Nothing venture; nothing win.

Opening paragraphs pull in readers (or not!)

Punctuation helps make sense of long sentences.

Questions and answers are now known as FAQs in many cases.

Rhyme and reason sometimes coexist.

Some seniors have time to write.

Television is less interactive than blogging…

…Unless a blogger is interviewed by a presenter!

Versatile bloggers share awards.

Words appear even on photographic posts.

Xylophones are named after the Latin Greek for wood.

Young people may be exceptionally gifted writers.

Zebras feature on the WordPress Pachyderm theme.

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7 thoughts on “Alphabetical challenge

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  6. Interesting take on the prompt – one that is humorous, informative and poignant. I totally agree with the statement you made beginning with E and that is exactly what I am doing now – I’m very glad to have made your acquaintance and have read your piece too!


    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. I find it is worth the effort of reading at least some of the other responses to these prompts. The Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge continues with a Road Trip visiting other blogs as well. Sue


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