A year of blogging

Anniversaries are a good time to stop and look back.

Look back and give thanks.  Look forward and take courage.

is what one of the teachers at the primary school I attended wrote in my autograph book when I was about to leave and go to secondary school.

I began blogging on 23 July 2012 with the purpose of recording the sort of expressions I was used to hearing in the 1950s and 1960s.  The blog I set up for this purpose is Sue’s considered trifles.

After a while I began to take part in Daily Post writing challenges.  At first I limited myself to using the challenge prompts within the style of my blog.  Then I experimented with a few different ideas.  It dawned on me that I needed another blog!  A comment from beeseeker helped lead me to this realisation.

So on 25 March 2013 I started posting to Sue’s Trifles.  This is my general purpose blog, where I write posts in response to various challenges.  I also write about anything, which I wish to share with an audience.  When I was on holiday in June, I scheduled posts in advance using some childhood memories, which I had written about around twenty years ago in my first attempt at writing a book.  I may not have used enough tags for these or perhaps the subject matter is not of general interest.  Anyhow it kept my blog alive with minimal effort.

I have linked to a group writing project on another blogging platform and had a guest post published on Blogging from A to Z in April.

I welcome your comments about what I should post about.  I have a number of craft projects I could write about and intend to use any prompts which appeal to me.  I am already mulling over possibilities for the next Blogging from A to Z in April challenge.

Stop press:  Congratulations to the Royal couple on the birth of their son yesterday afternoon.  I knew it had been announced when the church bells were rung in the evening.  How did you hear the news?

St Paul knew the value of looking back and giving thanks; looking forward and taking courage.  His Second Letter to Timothy gives an example of this approach.  2 Timothy 4:9-18


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