Holiday craft

I had nearly completed a child’s jumper I was knitting, when it was time to pack to go on a family visit.  I decided I could manage without any knitting for a couple of weeks.

However I had reckoned without the temptation of being offered some yarn.  My daughter had acquired a quantity of assorted yarn from freecycle.  She pulled out a spool of nylon ribbon and said, “You can have this if it is any use to you”.

I checked the pattern on the band and found that 3 spools were required to make a scarf.  One wasn’t going to be much use.  So I looked at the rest of her yarn and found a very heavy spool of bronze coloured bouclé yarn.  It went well with the multicoloured ribbon. (Lion Brand Yarn – Incredible, shade Autumn Leaves)

So I borrowed her bamboo knitting needles and began to knit.  The ribbon was wide and the bouclé fine, so each time I changed from ribbon to bouclé I worked twice into each stitch and as I changed back to ribbon I worked two stitches together.  I used the odd-pin method for the ribbon and suitable needles (the size of the smaller one) for the bouclé.

I soon had a scarf!

Ribbon and bouclé scarf

Ribbon and bouclé scarf

There was plenty of bouclé left, so I began to crochet with it and made another.  I even wore it to go out in the evenings.

Bouclé scarf

Bouclé scarf

Next I found a large ball of multicoloured yarn, which had lost its label.  I could only think of scarves, although it was hot outside!  I began to crochet…and crochet… and crochet and a couple of days before we were due to leave, I had completed another (bigger) scarf!

Crocheted scarf

Crocheted scarf

Not long after I arrived home I finished the jumper too.  I used Wendy Jubilee DK with 25% wool.  The slip stitch pattern was from Worldwide Knitting April 1983.  I adapted the neckline from the polo neck in the pattern.

Child's sweater

Child’s sweater

When you go on holiday do you have a holiday from your hobbies?

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