Mythological beasts

This is another belated post in response to Queen Creative’s prompt for the promptless: cryptozoology.

When I was a child we had wallpaper on the walls in our house.  Even the rooms which were partly tiled also had some wallpaper.

My parents lived in that house for over 50 years, so I’d be hard-pressed to remember every design of wallpaper they ever chose.  However one I remember well had flying horses, like Pegasus on it.  It was on the walls in the back downstairs room, variously known as the dining room or the living room.  The design included some sort of vertical geometric pattern with diamonds or some variation on a diamond shape with the flying horse motif repeated in each.  As far as I remember it was an unobtrusive colour scheme with a whitish background and a light brown design.

There are other sorts of horses in the classical myths and other fiction I have enjoyed.  Unicorns appear in a few modern stories intended for children.  Flying horses are popular – C.S. Lewis had one in the Magician’s Nephew, which is the prequel of his Narnia series.  Centaurs are also to be found in his books.  J K Rowling also introduced unicorns and centaurs into her bestiary and a new one to me, the hippogriff.  The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge is one of my favourite children’s books.  All these authors also wrote or write for adults.

And if you ever have to make an out fit for a children’s fancy dress event, I recommend a unicorn.  It is distinctive and can be done in a minimalist style.