How I met a blogger I follow

This is written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: The best medicine

This week I achieved an ambition.  I met a blogger I follow.  He didn’t seem exactly overwhelmed by the experience.  Do other bloggers find that when people see them coming, they try to hide?

I have been following this particular blogger for quite some time.  He is an infrequent blogger, so you can guarantee that when he has something to say it will be interesting.

His most recent post alerted me to woolly creations in his garden, so I suggested it as an outing for my Mum.  My husband agreed to take us, so off we went.  (I am the crafty one of the family in the sense of knitting and crocheting.)

The other blogger stayed really still for photographs and we all had interesting and informative conversations with his friend, Amanda.

I learned that there are far more different types of bumblebee than I had realised and that yellow digitalis have completely different shaped leaves from the more common foxglove.  (Mum already knew that!)  Also there is a yellow wild flower called rocket, whereas the sort of rocket we had enjoyed for lunch has white flowers.  We also saw some annual candytuft flowers, which some people call rocket.  Is botany space science after all?

The blogger’s garden was beautiful and the woolly bugs and other crocheted festoons were diverting.

If you aren’t in the right area to visit this garden, perhaps there is a National Trust one near you or near your holiday destination.

My blogging friend was Fletch the Perchcrow.  Thank you Fletch, Squeak the Mouse and, last but not least, Amanda for your patience and hospitality.

Amanda and Sue with Fletch

Amanda and Sue with Fletch


Today I am happy to be the guest blogger at the A to Z April Challenge

Many thanks to Tina at Life is Good for having me and for overcoming the differences between our blogging platforms to prepare my post for publication.

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