Facebook – a necessary evil?

The Weekly Writing challenge- Mind the gap is about facebook: boon or scourge?  Here are my thoughts.

Facebook is a new-fangled invention which I resisted for years.

Initially I avoided signing up for it and kept the addresses of my teenage children’s pages on my favourites.  So I followed their travels and knew that they were still in the land of the living even when they did not email or phone me.

It was a fairly satisfactory arrangement for a number of years.

Then I became a grandparent and  I was issued with an ultimatum.

“If you don’t join facebook, you won’t be able to see our photos.”

So, somewhat reluctantly, I joined.

I set my privacy settings right at the private end of the spectrum and ended up with a very small number of friends, who were either friends of my children or parents of their friends.  Much later I asked a few of my own friends to be facebook friends too.  I am still trying to connect with others, but having trouble identifying them when other people have similar names.

When I started blogging, I found that many writers had pages for their blogs.  I already knew musicians had pages for their music.  I had even liked a few.  Would a facebook page help my blogs?  I decided to set one up to find out.  So far it has not taken off.  Next week I hope a post of mine about the advantages of facebook will appear as a guest blog, following on from the A to Z Challenge for April.

I still don’t trust facebook.  There are warnings most days from computer security experts about its dangers.  Partly for this reason my facebook profile is only 30% complete and I do not use publicise on WordPress, preferring to select occasional posts as links and upload them manually.

5 thoughts on “Facebook – a necessary evil?

  1. I hardly ever use facebook, although most of my friends do regularly. I’d heard of setting up a facebook page for your blog. I have my doubts I will ever do so. But it is useful for keeping track of friends who are out of state or traveling.


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