The next few posts on this blog are taken from some writing I did twenty years ago, when I made my first attempt (as an adult) of writing a book.  It was planned to be suitable for all ages of readers and to be as accurate an account as possible of my early memories.  I was writing with a view to publication, not because I was important in any way, but because I had unique experiences, visiting places none of the other people I knew at school would have been to.  Having visited my mother’s friends in their own homes, I had insights into the cultural differences between various parts of England.  Life has changed more than younger people might be aware without the recollections of older people.  When I wrote these short pieces, I was a mother; now I am a grandmother.  I have a remarkable memory.  It is sometimes quirky and (unfortunately) sometimes inaccurate!  These are my memories.

So I am taking a break from writing and have scheduled the first few sections of my “book” to publish automatically.  Your thoughts on these posts are welcome, but I may not keep up-to-date with replying to comments.  Your patience is appreciated.

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