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Rarasaur’s prompt for the promptless is about Monet.

The only classes which I missed (in the sense of regretting that I no longer had them) after we had chosen our options for O-level examinations were Art.  There was no possibility I’d turn out to be an artist, but our art teacher had a relaxed attitude to her classes and we were allowed to chat while we painted.  I think she must have been a good teacher too as I can remember her advice.

“Don’t draw if it is a painting; just paint straight away!”

She started us off in the very first lesson experimenting with mixing colours.  We couldn’t start again – we just had to add more and more colour in the same part of the palette.  I can remember how I approached this working through pale pinks to darker colours.

Much later we experimented with pointillism.  We could make dots of colour to build up a picture in the way the Impressionists did.  I don’t remember what my finished picture looked like!

Another experimental technique involved painting with a knife instead of a brush.  We mixed our powdered paint with very little water, so that it was thick.  Then we used a knife to apply it to the paper.  I’ve never been tempted to try it again, but I still remember doing it.

We also did lino-cuts and used plaster of Paris to make “stained glass windows”, using coloured glass from broken bottles.  Another project with plaster of Paris involved making a model incorporating coloured glass.

My personal favourite among the impressionists is probably Turner, although strictly he pre-dates the impressionists.  I can remember visiting the National Gallery with my mother.  She couldn’t understand why I spent so much time looking at his paintings!  They had a sense of mist and sunshine captured on canvas, which intrigued me.  I have found a very well-known painting to give an impression of what I am trying to explain.

The Fighting Temeraire by JMW Turner  (Photo credit Wikipedia),_J._M._W._-_The_Fighting_T%C3%A9m%C3%A9raire_tugged_to_her_last_Berth_to_be_broken.jpg

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