Craft group crack

At our most recent craft group meeting, the subject of china and crockery came up.  I was reminded about something which happened well over a decade ago perhaps nearer two.  Our children were quite young at the time.

We were going to be spending Christmas with my parents, but had not managed to think of a suitable Christmas present for them apart from the usual stocking-fillers.  (Dad always had walnut whirls and a diary; Mum likes plain chocolate with hard centres and a calendar.)

I was walking through our local town centre on the way to the car park (or parking lot if you prefer) when I glanced into the window of a charity (thrift) shop.  There was a Colclough china tea-set of the same design as one my parents used.  I knew my parents had accidentally broken one or two items from theirs, so I went in and bought the one from the window for their present.  The volunteer who served me pointed out that the set was not complete, but I assured her that it didn’t matter.  It still comprised cups and saucers, a milk jug, sugar bowl, side plates and a plate for bread or cake.

We wrapped it as several parcels and they came out on Christmas Day as a real surprise for Mum and Dad.  Because there were so many parcels, it became a bit of a joke, while they were unwrapping them.  “What, some more?”  The cups and saucers were a slightly different shape from their original set, but that didn’t really matter and they used them for a number of years.  My Mum still uses the set.

And as I told my friends at craft group, “It came in handy at Dad’s funeral!”

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