Silver linings

Silver linings is the theme of today’s Daily Prompt.

I have noticed that my American friends use the word ugly in a different way from us Brits.  Our meaning is the opposite of beautiful – Cinderella had two ugly stepsisters. They seem to use it to mean nasty or at the very least unpleasant.

I assume the meaning in the prompt is the American one.

In that case I experienced a silver lining when the vehicle in front of us broke down on a hill and began to roll back towards us.  My husband had the presence of mind first to reverse away from the stricken van and then to sound the horn to alert the driver to our presence.  The van stopped and a collision was prevented.  The driver indicated to us that it was safe for us to overtake him, before he reversed downhill to a safer spot.  Fortunately the road was quiet at the time.  How many blessings was that?

I wrote an earlier post in response to a PromptforthePromptless from rarasaur about a silver lining for my blog.