Blog switching

To exchange blogs: now why should I wish to do that?  (Daily prompt: switcheroo)

Under normal circumstances I’d claim to be happy with my own blogs.  I have my work in progress about the English language at suesconsideredtrifles and my blogging for fun blog here at Sue’s Trifles.  As I am recovering from a nasty cough and cold, it could be tempting to switch to a blog with less demanding targets than mine.

The blogger I have picked from my “blogs I follow” actually has more than one blog.  The blog I’d exchange is the one where she records events from her daily life in the form of photographs and a few well-chosen words.  I am sure she could write some interesting posts for my Sue’s Trifles blog in response to daily prompts such as this.  Daily prompters, valued followers and anyone else who chances to read this let me introduce you to iggandfriends.

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