My phone or i-phone?

This post is written in response to the Daily Post Weekly Challenge: Mind the Gap about whether the internet is taking over daily life with smart phones.

I still have my second mobile phone.  The first one was of the design referred to as a brick, due to its shape and weight.  It was second-hand – one of my children passed it on to me and it had belonged to a friend of theirs before that!

I famously had it in my handbag in a local town, but the battery had gone flat.  I did not know that the carpet-fitters had arrived a day early.  My teenage son being unable to contact me had let them in, gone out and left them to it.   When I arrived home there was a van outside, a door off its hinges and two strangers sitting in my living room waiting to be paid!  (The door wouldn’t close over the pile of the new carpet.)

The phone I have now is a very robust Nokia.  I have used (and still use) more of its features than just phoning and texting.  In fact I use the alarm and reminder facilities on at least a weekly basis and may not use it to call or text as often as that.  The members of our Church choir are used to hearing, “It’s time to get up!” if the practice before the service is in danger of over-running.

The stop-watch facility is also useful for timing the length of a piece of music in an instrumental group.   I cannot wear a wrist-watch as they do not keep good time on me, so my phone is my timepiece too.

If my battery is almost flat I may play Snake Xenzia or set that game up to run on its own, as I believe that the flatter the battery is before it is recharged, the better its performance will be.  This is due to hysteresis.  I also try to take the phone off charge as soon as the battery is fully charged.

I am not tempted to upgrade my phone.  My lap-top and phone serve different, complementary purposes.

Am I the only blogger, who has not upgraded to an i-phone?

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  1. No your not. I have yet to spend the money on an i-phone. I spend so much time on my laptop during the day and at work, I don’t really see the point in a very expensive phone – as yet. No, your not alone 🙂


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