Interview with Tigger

Q.  Hello, Tigger.  I’m so pleased you can spare me the time for an interview.
Would you mind telling me where you get all you energy from?

A.  Kanga gave me some sandwiches.

Q.  Tigger, I understand that you don’t feel comfortable doing this interview indoors, but I’m having trouble keeping up with your pace.

(Tigger looks over his shoulder and bounces three paces in my direction.)

Q.  Kanga’s sandwiches must have contained some really good stuff.  What was it?

A.  Extract of malt.  (Bounce.)

Q.  (Shouting)  Tigger, what do you like best about living in the forest?

A.  (Looking over his shoulder)  “Worraworraworraworra… my friends.”

Q.  Thank you for your time, Tigger.  I think we’ll have to leave it there.  My pen’s run out of ink.   (I wasn’t admitting I had run out of energy.  He might have offered me some of Kanga’s sandwiches.  Extract of malt is definitely something you love or you loathe – and I loathe it!)

Written in response to the Daily prompt: Interview your favourite fictional character.