Alter ego

Rarasaur’s prompt for the Promptless Season 2 begins with alter ego.

I had a look at the link she provided to Wikipedia.  The most famous alter ego I had thought of was there, Robert Louis Stevenson’s eponymous Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde.  However, I didn’t want to write about a novel I read years ago.

Then I wondered about whether I had an alter ego, but  I shy away from writing too much about myself.

So here are my thoughts about alter ego.

The best example of a changed personality is St Paul.  He started life as Saul of Tarsus.  He was well-educated and brought up to know all the details of the Jewish Law, which had been handed down from Moses.  He tried to do what he believed was right.  When a new set of ideas seemed to threaten his own views he was zealous to eradicate it.  He looked after the cloaks for the people who stoned to death Stephen, the first Christian martyr.  Acts 8:1

He was prepared to travel to other towns to pursue the followers of Jesus Christ and set off from Jerusalem to Damascus.  On the way he saw a bright light, which left him blind, and he heard a voice.

This event is so important that it is recorded three times in the Acts of the Apostles:  Acts 9: 1-31, Acts 22 and Acts 26

He had encountered Jesus after His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.  Saul’s sight was restored after three days.  Acts 9:9-11

St Paul went on to write thirteen of the twenty one letters which are included in the Bible.  In Philippians 4: 13 He wrote, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 
He had changed from a person who tried to do right to one who trusted and became righteous.   He travelled extensively spreading the Good News about Jesus to people all round the Mediterranean Sea.  He reached Rome after many adventures.

If you needed a prompt, I hope I have prompted you to read this amazing story for yourselves.  You and your alter ego, that is!

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