A silver lining for my blog

Every cloud has a silver lining is a proverb or saying.  My other blog is full of them!  Rarasaur’s prompt for the promptless asks uninspired bloggers (and those with time on their hands) to respond to her prompt about a silver lining.

Sometimes when the weather is dull people feel miserable, but cheer up again when the sun comes out.  The silver lining of a cloud might even be visible around the edges at this stage in the changing weather.

silver lining

silver lining

Sometimes when life seems bleak it is a good idea to look for the little things which stop everything seeming hopeless.  In other words we should count our blessings.

Today I published my 100th post on my other blog.  I did not make a song and dance about it.  I have been marking every fortieth post with a summary, so I have another twenty posts to go before I am due to tell the world I have reached another milestone.  I just quietly published it, realised I had forgotten to put in a link, but I had switched my computer off, went out, came home, had lunch, switched my computer back on and found that for the first time ever (to my knowledge) my post had been reblogged.  I have a copyright and disclaimer page which specifically states no reblogging without permission, but who reads the small print when there are so many interesting things to read?  Anyhow I checked out the website where my post had been reblogged and anyone interested in reading the whole post has to click through to mine.  I added the link I had forgotten earlier and rescued the comment from my spam folder notifying everyone who finds my post of the reblogging.

So, thanks for the reblog, Adithya Entertainment.  I had a few moments of anxiety and, “Do I need to do anything about this?” But it seems to be a case of “All’s well that ends well”, which must be a silver lining itself.

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  2. Happy 100th! 😀 I love blogging milestones. They make the whole experience so bright, and there are so many that we’re able to share with each other! 😀


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