My best kept secret

I am beginning to think that my second blog is my best-kept secret.  I’ll leave it to my readers to judge whether it is significant.  Daily Prompt: Evasive action.

I began it at the beginning of Holy Week in order to take part in challenges and just to blog. This would allow me to concentrate on my intention outlined in the tag-line for my original blog. which was about eight months old at the time.

Although I took part in a blog-hopping challenge Blogging from A to Z for April on my new blog, most of my new followers subscribed to my old one.  Having said that, I gained followers for my second blog far more quickly than when I was a newbie blogger.  In six weeks I have gained 23 followers; it took months to reach that number on my original blog.

So, my original blog is Sue’s considered trifles with the tagline Where she discusses sayings including “the cat’s pajamas” and my new one is Sue’s Trifles with the tagline Tasty writing surprises (non-fattening!)

Sometimes people ask in the Community Pool whether they should have more than one blog as they like to write posts on various topics.  My experience of having two blogs is that it is relatively easy to cross-reference between them in the hope of tempting visitors to look at both.  It helps me to take a break from my main blog and write something completely different.  I am still able to maintain a fairly regular posting routine and have a life outside the blogosphere.

Those who have discovered my “secret” blog will know that I usually include at least one Bible reference.  Today’s is Matthew 6:5-15