W is for…

What could we ask without W?  Why, where, when, how, who, whom, wherefore, whatever, whither, whence and  which would not work.

A wayfarer was waylaid by a wandering work-shy whistling woman.

Weasels, warthogs, worms and whales need water.

Wisteria, woundwort and wonderful flowers grow wild.

Writing, wraiths and wrangles wouldn’t waste ink if they dropped their W’s.

Want, wont and wanton will work wonders: it is my wont to want Wagon Wheels in a wanton way.  (Wagon wheels are a type of biscuit (cookie), which I do not like as they have marshmallow in them!)

Win’s windings is a tongue-twister I wrote.  I wish you would try it out.

Worship shows God His worth. (There is a word puzzle very near the end of the post linked from “Worship”.)

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power…” Revelation 4:11