T is for…

Travellers on trains and trams take telephones, talking, chatting, nattering, prattling, instructing, trading, telling tragic tales, tweeting and tapping out instructions.  “Tut-tut,” think trapped listeners too timid or terrified to tackle their talkative torturers.

Traffic lights turn to stop.

Two times ten with two and three tot up to twenty-five.

Topsy-turvy tumblers in tracksuit tops and trousers tipple-top-tail round the big top.

A tutor traced out triangles and a trapezium.

A turntable turns traction units for steam trains.

The tide turns.

Tadpoles turn into newts, frogs or toads.

The apostle from Tarsus wrote two letters to Timothy, one to Titus, two to the Thessalonians and others to pastors and churches.

“Take, eat,” are words from the Eucharist.

The evangelist Luke’s account of the last supper includes many T’s.  Luke 22:7-23