R is for…

Roses, rosemary, rhododendrons, rudbeckia, redwood, ranunculus, rhubarb, reeds and rushes grow.

Rhetoric is favoured by orators.

Radio reports riots, raids and robberies.

Rabbits burrow and are rodents.  Rats are rodents too.

Do resplendent rajahs and ranees ride in rickshaws?

Red warns.

River levels rise in rainy weather.

Ringtones and reminders rouse drowsy receptionists.

An arrangement of words with a predominance of R’s appears here.

A rainbow, redemption, rebirth, remission of sins, resurrection, eternal life, Christ’s return and Revelation feature in scripture.

St Paul’s letter to the Romans reveals the wrath of our righteous God and rejects revenge.  Dear readers, I urge you to read it all!


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