Q is for…

I am in a quandary questioning quite how to quantify my quest for Q.

A queue of Q words is quarrelling querulously.

Quickly take an arrow from your quiver and query the quality assurance by checking the quills.

A quartet of quail quiver in a quagmire.

Quince is a fruit and a character in Shakespeare’s A midsummer night’s dream.

Quinine may prevent cramp.

A quart is a quarter of a gallon, but beware: US and imperial gallons are not equal.

A quartermaster issues quantities of supplies.

Quavers may be played quietly by a quintet(?) and hemidemisemiquavers are quickly over.

Quartz is crystalline.

Quakers are “Friends” or makers of porridge oats.

Earthquakes are quite likely to make people quiver and quail.

Quench fire by squirting aqua.  (Have you noticed how food labelling uses aqua instead of water?)

The people asked Jesus questions and he frequently replied with a question.  Matthew 22:41-46 describes the end of an important question and answer session.