P is for…

P – p can be completed with any vowel; pap, pep, pip, pop and pup are permitted.

Pronunciation might be a problem with psalm, psyche, psychology and psychiatry with their silent P.

Physiology, physiognomy and physiotherapy might have fetched up in the post for F!

Phonetics are pertinent parts of a dictionary.

Penelope needs phonetic marking Pĕnĕlŏpē.   Particular people with this name prefer Penny like a penny piece.

A protagonist might put forward a premise.  Premises are places (of work, perhaps).  Preamble is a prelude to a point being made.

Peppermints may be prescribed for dyspepsia.

Polygons are not parrots passed away!  (What do you call a dead parrot?)

A prodigy playing a piano pianissimo, plinking or plonking pulls in passers-by.

A post pertaining to the letter P is Putting Pen to Paper.

Jesus, the Prince of Peace, told a parable about a pearl of great price.  Matthew 13:45-46

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