N is for…

Nineteen ninety nine was the final year before the new millennium was celebrated.  In my opinion it was not a numerical notch.  (2000 should have been the final year in the old one.)

Nought, nothing, nil and nix are no score nonetheless not negative numbers.

In the nine times table the digits in each number add up to nine.

No nous for a nincompoop!

No naughty numbskulls earn kings’ ransoms.

Natterjack toads, newts, nightingales, nightjars and unspecified nocturnal animals nip out at night.

Noah built an enormous ark and saved the animals from extinction.

Nehemiah as God’s agent enabled the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

Jonah preached God’s word to Nineveh.  Nahum announced Nineveh’s annihilation.

Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment.  John 13:34Love one another.”

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