L is for…

Lily, lavender, laburnum, lady’s mantle and lobelia live in loam.

Lettuce, lemon and lime look luscious.

Lydia Languish is a layabout.

Like for like is an alliterative label (in insurance).

Letters are the alphabet or correspondence.

Language may be foreign, but hopefully not foul.

Liturgy is the words of set services in church.

Literature is in library books or leaflets.

Literal means letter by letter.  (I have a literal mind, like the child handed a duvet cover and told to put it on who draped it round herself, not noticing the duvet nearby!)

Literacy is the ability to decipher letters.

Lipograms are phrases with the vowels left out.

Liking, loving, leaning, learning, leaving let us live our lives looking lively.

Lowly Jesus came longing to lead the lost to light and life.

God is the Lord of lords.  1 Timothy 6:11-16