K is for…

K-nee, k-nife, k-nob, k-nickers was the chant of a child learning to spell.  She soon knew that knitting was another word with a silent K.

Kindness among kinsfolk (one’s kith and kin) kindles affection.

Did a king keep a kitten in a kitchen?

Creatures include kingfishers, koalas, kangaroos and laughing birds – kookaburras.

Mount Kilimanjaro has I, J, K, L, M, N and O and its top is covered with snow.

Kingcups are yellow and knapweed could be picked and the stem wound round itself to shoot the head off.  (Probably not allowed unless you have grown them in your own garden!)

Kettledrums are timpani and a klaxon also makes a noise.

There is a free kick in football, a kick start for a motorbike and a kick-pleat to allow a longer stride.

King Saul was the first king of Israel.  David and Solomon were the next kings.

Jesus was condemned and crucified as “The King of the Jews”.  Luke 23:32-43

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