H is for…


Hark!  Do I hear laughter?  (Ha-ha, he-he, ho-ho, hysterics and a laughing hyena; having fun playing hopscotch or on a helter-skelter.)

Haphazard horticulture has herbs, heather, heartsease, heleniums, hyssop, holly, honesty and hemlock in a herbaceous border.

Hares hate hounds and hedgehogs hibernate.

Houses become homes.  Hotels and hostels offer hospitality.  Hospitals may have helipads.

Honesty, hard work, hearty thanks and whole-hearted help give hope.

Hair, head, hands, heels, heart, and haemoglobin have helped towards a hundred words here.

Hymns have hallelujahs, heavenly heights, the heavenly host, highest honour, hail (meaning greetings not weather) and holy.

Habakkuk, Hosea and Haggai were men who heard God speak.  Have you heard Him yet?

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