F is for…

Full fathom five my father lies

opened a post I wrote for a daily prompt, without using any three letter words.

I had difficulty learning to say the sound of the letter F.  It was the last one and I said S instead until the day I went out to play in the garden on my own and went back indoors having sorted it out.  If I had never learned it, just think what I’d have missed:
first and foremost, fact and fiction, funny feelings, friends and foes, farm animals and flights of fancy, father, family, food, feasting, fasting, finicky, fitting, festivity, festival and finally faith.

Flowers are forget-me-not, fuchsia and fumitory and fennel is a herb.

Funnels are for fumes out and for fluids in.

Fairgrounds are fun in fine weather.

Firs thrive in forests.
Furs are for foxes’ warmth.
Furze means gorse or whin.

Friends, you may find some of my future posts fairly far-fetched!

On the cross Jesus said, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do”.  Luke 23:34

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