E is for…

Eleven employees became escapees in an emergency.

The perimeter of an ellipse lends itself to creation with pencil, twine and needles. (String and pins have no E’s!)  Meanwhile ellipses (plural of ellipsis) end phrases…

…enter echoing phrase.

The environs of an elephant given an emetic elude elaboration, explanation et cetera.

Endless Eyes is a song on an EP entitled Eloquence to be released this month.

Ecclesiastical language features Eucharist, eternal, everlasting, exegesis and Evening prayer.

Bethlehem Ephrata and the Euphrates River appear in the Bible.

Epiphany and Easter are seasons in the ecclesiastic year.
Wise men, death and resurrection (and eggs) feature.

Education from Emmanuel on the road to Emmaus in the evening eclipsed every pessimistic idea, ending with ecstatic energy to reverse direction and re-enter Jerusalem.  Luke 24:13-35